Bridal Lingerie Photos; what is classy

It’s your big day and its only natural that your friends would want to shower you with lingerie gifts. From girlfriends who know you naughty little secrets to possibly your fiancé who has added a gift of his own, you will probably receive lingerie in all shades and patterns ranging from super romantic to absolutely mischievous.( Get to learn about Croquette Lingerie here.)


Bridal Lingerie Photos make for a great surprise gift for the groom to be. Get as creative as you like and turn the heat on! It is a great idea to feel sexy as a bride and an even better one to make sure your wedding night is filled with fireworks of a different sort! (Getting the idea of wearing Lingerie at first night)

Here are some tips to keep in mind before compiling your bridal corset & lingerie photos:


Say no to sleaze

The idea is to look hot and super sexy and not cheap. All the strings and see-through and ‘hardly there’ can be saved for your more private moments.  The fact that you are getting photographed means that there is a photographer in the room. You do not want to turn the heat on, on the poor photographer!

Get comfortable

Get comfortable with the idea that someone is going to photograph you wearing your lingerie.  If you are uncomfortable it is going to show in your photographs and you are going to look more uncomfortable than hot in your bridal photos. (Have you thought of Lingerie to improve Sex Life?)

White Lingerie

Pick matching accessories

Pick hats, heels and neck pieces which added to the oomph of the photographs. They will also help you feel less ‘exposed’ and more comfortable in front of the camera.

Involve you BFF

Having another woman around is not just a great way to feel less insecure with the photographer in the room, it is also a great way to toss ideas with somebody else. Ask your friend what she thinks about the background, the accessories and the overall theme of every photograph. The outcome is guaranteed to be more than satisfactory.

Violet Lingerie

Keep it long

It is very classy to fill your Bridal Photos with Corsets, Chemises, Teddies and night wear. The bras and panties are too personal to be worn in front of a photographer. It could end up making you conscious right before your wedding and that is not such a great idea.  Besides corsets and chemises are classy in the less is more way! If you wish to find fair prices of lingerie, click the link)

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